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Top Level Plumbing Solutions are your local hot water specialist servicing Perth and the surrounding areas.

With years of experience in hot water installations and hot water repairs and a team of fully qualified, skilled plumbers and gasfitters, we’ve built a reputation for excellence across the industry.

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When your hot water system is not functioning the way it should whether you’re suddenly and inconveniently out of hot water, your solar panels have suffered damage, you’ve discovered a leaky pipe, or you’re in the market to upgrade to a more efficient system or fuel source it’s time to call on Top Level Plumbing Solutions on 0413 128 355 for all your hot water repairs and services in Perth.

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Our licensed team of professionals provides complete hot water services in Perth, including repairs, maintenance, and installation for:

  • Gas storage hot water systems
  • Electric storage hot water systems
  • Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
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We have been installing and servicing hot water systems in the Perth area for many years, installing and repairing hundreds of hot water systems.

We specialise in hot water heater installation, repairs and can usually fix the problem straight away – unlike general plumbers who may have to leave the site to source the part needed.

Our plumbers and gasfitters are licensed, insured, and constantly trained to stay up to date to ensure that every hot water installation adheres to strict Australian standards.

Our highly skilled team can advise on the best solutions to all your hot water system needs.

Choosing the right Hot Water System...

You need to carefully select the optimum hot water system that will be the most cost effective for your home or business. You need to take into consideration; weather conditions and usage of your hot water system.

If your hot water system breaks down, you may just want to upgrade to a newer version of the one you’ve already had. But do a little research first as you could save some money on your monthly bill. Let’s take a look at the choices you have.

Instant Gas Hot Water Systems (Continuous Flow)

What is a continuous flow hot water system? Continuous flow hot water systems (also known as ‘tankless’, ‘instantaneous’ and ‘on-demand’ hot water systems) are small wall-mounted units that heat water as you use it, rather than heating it slowly and storing it as a hot water storage tank does.

Continuous flow hot water systems work by pushing cold water through copper piping, and applying heat directly to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on, a flow sensor triggers and starts the heating. In a continuous flow gas system it triggers a burner and in an electric system it triggers a heating element. The water is heated to the necessary temperature and then fed straight to your tap. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts off too.

As no water is stored, there is no heat loss from a tank or any need to keep a body of water at a consistent temperature. These units only operate when the hot tap is turned on, and provide continuous hot water for as long as the tap is open.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage water heaters or gas tank systems use a gas burner positioned beneath the a storage tank which will heat the water. This style of hot water system has a pilot flame that will ignite the main burner when the temperature in the tank reduces below the set temperature of the thermostat. This pilot flame uses an estimated $50 – $100 of gas per year.The most common tank is made from mild steel, however stainless steel tanks are also available and will generally last longer.

Top Level Plumbing Solutions can Repair your old gas storage hot water unit and if it needs to be replaced can provide you with great prices on a new system. For all your gas storage tank hot water solutions call Top Level Plumbing on 0413 128 355.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

An Electric Storage Water Heater (ESWH) consists of an insulated storage tank, usually cylindrical, where hot water is kept ready to be used. The water is stored at a pre-set temperature typically 60-80°C. The water is heated in the storage tank by one or more electric resistance elements.

Electric Storage tank systems store a certain amount of heated water that is used throughout the day. Their biggest advantage is making use of cheaper off-peak energy tariffs to fill your water tank.

Solar Hot Water Systems (Including Heat Pumps)

The Solar hot water system generally comes in two types being the typical roof solar hot water system to a new ground located hot water system which is called a heat pump.

The roof mounted solar hot water system generally consists of two solar panels and a storage tank. The solar panels are used as collectors to heat the water which is circulated to the tank and stored. This type of hot water system generally has a electric booster for when the sun isn’t heating the water enough.

The solar heat pump is typically found at ground level and connected to a power circuit which is very similar to a refrigerator in reverse. The heat pump extracts heat from the air which passes through a evaporator and condenser heating the water. The remaining cold air will then be extracted by a fan.